Being a left-handed person has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. As the general consumer population is composed of right-handed individuals, these right-handed individuals take over the greater percentage of consumers.

Fact: There is only approximately 10% of the entire population that is left-handed.

This massive elephant in the room alone places left-handed people in a direct disadvantage when it comes to finding products specifically configured for lefties. Products, such as armchairs and personal gadgets, are manufactured for right-handed use, and musical instruments, such as guitars, are no exemption.

The good thing about guitar companies is that they listened to the lefties and developed musical instruments that can be properly used by left-handed guitar enthusiasts.

This is such a big deal, especially for left-handed individuals who are just starting their melodic journey in learning how to play the guitar. After all, nobody wants to start at a disadvantage, and lefties deserve to get all the help they to hone their talent despite comprising a smaller percentage of the population.

Company Profile: Ibanez

One of the most popular guitar brands in the market today, Ibanez is a Japan-based guitar company that was established more than fifty years ago. It is considered to be one of the best musical instrument brands nowadays, thanks to its consistent dedication to quality and passion for developing highly capable instruments for all guitar players, regardless of skill level.

Ibanez left handed (electric) guitar options have grown recently, as they managed to incorporate the effective principles of the standard issue electric guitars while learning about the requirements and adjustments necessary for an electric guitar to be used by left-handed musicians.

Ibanez left handed electric guitar variants hold the middle ground when it comes to price point. Reasonably priced, durable, and also very stylish, it is easy to figure out why most Ibanez left handed (electric) guitar variants are bestsellers for both the amateur and the professional markets.

Ibanez GSR200BLWNF LEFT-HANDED 4 String Electric Bass Guitar with Gig Bag and Stand

One of the best brands. Reasonably priced, durable, and also very stylish.



Following a strict quality process, Ibanez never compromises on function and make sure that all of its products deliver what is expected of them. A lot of consumers complain about products that are part of the lower-tier price points, but for Ibanez, you receive the same level of functionality and quality from the low-end to premium level products, and for us, that is a testament to the consistency and reliability of the brand.


Showcasing various styles and signature models, such as the Joe Satriani and Paul Stanley models, Ibanez follows the core values of an effective and tastefully constructed guitar without steering way off the standard design. While we consider most of their designs as conservative, we don’t think of them as boring because the way they were made and how the premium-grade materials were assembled are just perfect.


Ibanez caters to a wide variety of price points, making sure that there is a guitar for everyone and for a broad range of budgets. The good thing about it is that entry-level guitars receive the same amount of dedication and quality control as the premium-level units, which gives peace of mind to the owner, especially when he or she just bought his or her first Ibanez guitar.

New owners don’t have to worry about sudden breakdowns and such, because the quality control is strict, and you are assured that the product quality is not compromised like other brands such as Washburn left handed electric guitars, Godin left handed electric guitars and many others.

Company Profile: PRS

PRS (short for Paul Reed Smith), is a guitar company based in Maryland, USA. Founded in 1985, the company has quickly picked up the pace and became one of the most established brands in the country.

They are very well-known for premium-grade, handmade guitars that can be either electric or acoustic. Part of the brand’s strong lineup is a series of left handed PRS electric guitars. In fact, a lot of their right handed electric guitars are complemented by left handed PRS guitars. This allows product flexibility without compromising on quality, style, and of course, functionality.

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Left-Handed Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Trampas Green

A premium-grade, handmade guitars brand that can be either electric or acoustic.



Left handed PRS guitars follow the standard configuration you would expect from a left handed electric guitar. As the majority of Paul Reed Smith products are in the intermediate to high-end market, the guitars give exceptional tone quality.


If there is one aspect of PRS that really sings, it would be the style. Showcasing magnificent inlays like dragons and birds in flight, these tiny little details add a dash of personality to your musical instrument. 

We all love a customized item, and for PRS, there is a great room for customization. The materials used are sourced from best maple and mahogany wood, and the colors are exceptional and rich. You can get color options, such as Tampas Green and Tobacco Sunburst, which highlight depth and variation.

Honestly, when you look at a PRS guitar, it is like looking at an art piece. When looking at an instrument motivates you to play, that is a massive check-mark in our book.


Paul Reed Smith Guitars cover a variety of price points, but a lot of them are beyond a thousand dollars. If you want to invest in a high-quality guitar, you can never go wrong with a PRS guitar because you’ll definitely get what you paid for – a handmade masterpiece that is beautiful to look at and beautiful to play with.


In this article, we have presented two very established brands from Japan and the United States with varying approaches to the development of a left handed electric guitar, varying design language, and also varying price points, and on top it all off, you can easily observe that both brands aim for perfection through passion for music while providing only the best for consumers, regardless of skill level or purpose.

The world of electric guitars is indeed electric, as there is an exhilarating feel to it. The electric guitar is like the key to experiencing a different world full of riffs, melodies, and pure passion.

We do hope you enjoyed our little jamming session talking about Ibanez and Paul Reed Smith! Until our next article! Rock on!

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